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Managing a supply chain does not have to be hard.

Our powerful, flexible products ensure your supply chain can keep up with today’s fast-changing consumer

The Union Crate platform is powered by artificial intelligence designed specifically for the complexity of the consumer goods industry

We use this intelligence to simplify daily operations and automate tedious demand-planning tasks.

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Our products meet the needs of your company, big or small


The easiest way to centralize and manage an omnichannel supply chain

Stargate helps you redirect up to 50% of the time and resources you spend on managing operations to driving growth


Higher accuracy demand forecasts in half the time

Almanac clients see an increase of up to 37% more accurate forecasts, resulting in an average 12% reduction in working capital

Run your supply chain from one centralized platform

Sources that help empower your team, and keep everything securely running from one magical place.

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