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Drive top-line and bottom-line growth

Use Artificial Intelligence to maximize sales potential, reduce overhead costs, and improve working capital spend

Higher accuracy forecasts in half the time

Almanac automatically learns from historical shipment and consumption-driven data, competitive activity, and market trends


Modular cross-functional planning to increase forecast accuracy across sales, supply, and manufacturing teams.

Module — 01

Sales Predictions

One-Click Total Company Predictions

  • Build financial, operational, and sales forecast scenarios with ease

  • Forecast up to 1 year company growth potential based on existing distribution and potential gains/losses

  • Compare actuals vs. historical sales and Almanac predictions across company, divisional, and cross-functional levels

  • Customize and manage dynamic and locked predictions at the total company level

Omni-Channel & Customer Predictions

  • Predict from 30 days up to 1 year SKU- and product-level sales across all channels and customers

  • View sales predictions broken down by sales teams

  • Anticipate channel shifting between online and offline channels for total products and customers

  • Forecast category sales by customer to identify new distribution opportunities

  • Predict online sales volume, including direct-to-consumer by distribution center across the U.S. and Canada

Granular Product-Level Predictions

  • Predict SKU-level sales, from 30 days up to 1 year

  • Break down regional sales forecasts based on local consumption patterns such as seasonality

  • View product sales forecasts by manufacturing facility, supplier, warehouse, and distribution center

Module — 02

Distribution Predictions

One-Click Total Distribution Predictions

  • Predict all your volume splits across all distribution centers and rank all products by repositions

  • Provide your sales team with visibility into all your customer inventory levels, enabling them to incrementally upsell the buying and planning teams

  • Gain visibility to all your internal inventory costs by item and location from one platform

  • Track all inventory throughout your customers' pipelines to help reduce shuttling/repositioning costs

Customer Scorecard Predictions

  • Predict your entire distribution footprint and optimize service levels, lead times, and DC splits

  • Access customer-level scorecards for all your Ship To's and assign metrics to relevant cross-functional areas to help improve service levels

Module — 03

Inventory Predictions

One-Click Total Company Predictions

  • Forecast purchases for all of your raw materials, components, and finished goods

  • Gain complete visibility of current and predicted inventory positions across all facilities, co-packers, and suppliers

  • Predict the optimal safety stock targets across all tiers of your supply chain based on lead times for each item

  • Estimate future square-footage needs for all warehouses

Supplier & Item-Level Predictions

  • Predict purchases for all of your suppliers down to raw materials and components

  • Factor long lead and delivery times into your predictions automatically

  • Forecast purchases up to 1 year to improve negotiation positioning and buying power

  • Compare all supplier purchasing predictions against production capacity

Intelligent Inventory Optimization

  • Predict the Open-to-Buy for every item

  • Manage your working capital by predicting inventory costs for your raw materials, components, and finished goods

  • Identify future cash flow issues by knowing sales change implication for raw materials and components

  • Avoid spoilage, dead stock, and high storage costs by predicting inventory needs at all of your warehouses, co-packers, and suppliers

Module — 04

Manufacturing Predictions

Total Manufacturing Planning Predictions

  • Plan production across all plant locations and manufacturing lines based on consumption-driven demand

  • Access total capacity, throughput, and utilization rates in real time

  • Integrate IoT machinery into the Union Crate Platform, giving you real-time visibility to all key production metrics

  • Review monthly production costs vs. forecast for total company, location, and individual production lines

Total Plant Productivity

  • Predict production runs up to 3 months across all your locations and determine potential bottlenecks

  • Unlock purchasing predictions of all your raw materials and components needed, by plant location and machine type

  • Track capacity levels in real time across all manufacturing lines

  • Predict costs variances at total plant, manufacturing line, and product levels

Add-on features

Plant Manager Reporting

  • Access item ranking reports based on utilization rates, throughput, and capacity, by plant location and production line

  • View total company, plant location, and production line metrics, including throughput, capacity, and utilization rates

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