Real-Time Intelligence for Product Teams

Whatever product or inventory question you have, Union Crate will give you the answer at the click of a button. Know how to stock, when, where and more important, why. For brands, know what new products to introduce according to location and segments. For retailers, test planogram performance in real-time across all locations and easily understand what customers typically buy together.


Intelligent Forecasting

View predicted sales of every product and category based on real-time sales, location based purchase patterns, weather, traffic, consumption patters and granular consumer behavior.

Category Analysis

Understand how categories perform according to locations. View how items within a category performs against similar items and what factors drive that metric. Easily view predicted sales over time.

Product Analysis

View how products perform at every location for advanced assortment optimization and new product manufacturing. View predicted sales of every product and compare products across locations and time.

Basket Analysis

View what products are typically bought together in a shopping trip. Better understand your customer’s purchase behavior and needs per location to increase their overall spend.

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