Adaptive Demand Predictions

Reduce Overstock + Out of Stock
Out with the old.

We know what you're thinking. You do some sort of demand predictions already using historical data. You probably analyze reports and charts of sales to decide when to manufacture or stock products. You use intution to predict what to stock, and when. But, we are in a digital age where consumer spending patterns change frequently. Historical sales data and sell through rates are not enough to predict future demand. There is a huge time gap between data and action.

In with the new.

Union Crate makes it easy for you to accurately predict and adapt to changes in demand. With a simple API we analyze the spending and consumption patterns of every customer to create an accurate demand prediction of every item. We combine category data with local customer demand across online and in-store shoppers to reduce overstock and out of stock situations. We do all the heavy lifting so you don't have to analyze charts and reports to decide on how to operate.

How to use our API

See what products you should stock and when. Use our API to power adaptive internal analytics or use our free reporting tool.
Inventory Systems
Create granular, real-time inventory impact analysis. Allow vendors and manufactures to view predicted sell rate to guarantee you have the products you need at the right time.
Provide store managers and category buyers with A.I. enabled suggestive ordering.

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