Adaptive 1-to-1 Personalization

Increase Revenue + Customer Loyalty
Local Store. Big Experience

Remember what it was like shopping at your local store? The staff knew who you were. They called you by your name, had conversations with you and knew exactly what you liked. They knew when you liked to shop and made sure that those items were in stock for you. They even recommended new items that they knew you would like.

Connected World. Distracted Consumer.

Today, Consumers are bombarded by companies fighting for their attention in generalized product offerings. But, no two customers shop exactly the same way. Consumers are use to getting personalized news, music, ads and now, they want a grocers product suggestions and deals to match their personal preference.

Big Store. Local Experience

Union Crate's Artificial Intelligence analyzes every customer's interations across all channels. We analyze all data sets in real-time to creates granualar, purchase patterns for every customer. With a simple API, we enable you to turn data into immediate action on any platform. Recommend relevent products, to relevant customers at revevant times across all channels in real-time.

Increase Sales

Up to 30%

How to use our API

E-commerce & App
Automatically offer products tailored to each customer within your website or app in real-time. Increase baskest size as they shop and guarantee repeat purchaes. Our API helps customers find relevant products faster to increase conversion and loyalty.
Email & Ads
Use our API to power customer specific email offerings. Our reporting tool shows what products people are more likely to combine with promotions and regular purchases.

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