Real-Time Intelligence for Marketing Teams

Union Crate's artificial intelligence asks a series of business quesitons that cater specifically to everyone within marketing. We enable them to recieve 1:1 marketing answers faster than ever before so they can keep up with every individual customer. Understand why customers buy certain products and when they are likely to buy the same or similar items again.


Intelligent Forecasting

View real-time forecasting predictions of every individual customer and segement. Predicts sales based on granular location based purchase patterns, behavior and consumption rates

Customer Segmentation

View what groups of customers buy according to a products attributes, ingredients,price, location, nutrition and time. Target product offerings according to segments that are more likely to purchase.

1:1 Customer Analysis

View the granular purchase pattern and loyalty of an individual customer. Easily target them for a repeat purchase based on their personal consumption pattern, preference and predicted purchases.

Marketing Optimization

View what is the best method of targeting customers are according to location and time. Schedule advertisments according to location based consumer purchase patterns, preference and consumption rates.

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