Omni-Channel Automation

Easily connect all systems
Multiple Data Points

With an overwhelming amount of “unstructured data” entering from e-commerce sites, social media, kiosks, mobile devices and in-store it's becoming harder to keep up with changes. A lack of tight integration between existing legacy systems and newly created omnichannel systems are hindering datasharing efforts enterprise-wide. The lack of systems integration is hindering the view of items, orders, inventory, and customers. It causes lost revenue, sales, inefficiency merchandising, and increased costs related to carrying too much or too little inventory.

Simple Connection

Grocers and CPG companies need to be fully integrated with all systems and sales channels to drive growth. Our API easily connects to any system and analyzes all unstructured data in real-time. We standardize all data sets and create one version of the truth. Our API turns all data points into immediate actionable tools across all channels.

How to use our API

Automatically generate purchase orders based on real-time sales and inventory from all channels. Automatically push orders to all vendors in any format including EDI.
Create real-time unified inventory impact based on real-time and predicted sales from all channels.
Predict where a customer will shop next for targeted ads and promotions in-store, email, website and in-app.

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No credit card required. Pay-as-you-go premium plans starting at $0.007 per API call.